Please let me keep this memory, just this one.

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"People like me who grew up in the cramped northeastern part of New Jersey reacted to the region’s relentless development in different ways. Some moved “farther out,” mostly west or north to leafier, more open suburbs….Some, like me, moved farther still—to Seattle."

An American River: From Paradise to Superfund, Afloat on New Jersey’s Passaicby Mary Bruno

Mary Bruno’s book was featured in the travel writing section of my favorite bookstore in Seattle, Elliott Bay Book Company. I picked it up, amused that this should be travel writing — Jersey is my home; it’s where I spent most of my life, and it’s where Bruno spent all of her early years as well. The piece is part memoir, part environmental narrative.

Her story, and the story of the Passaic River, is proving to be one of the most beautiful, heart-breaking, intelligent, and resonating stories that I’ve read in a long while.

oh my fucking god, what.

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